Bone Broth and Your Dog

Considered a canine superfood, bone broth is a must add to your dogs everyday diet. Whether your pup is old, middle aged or young, bone broth has a ton of benefits that your canine will thrive on.

Bone broth is the breakdown of collagen when simmered for a long period of time. When the collagen is released it forms a gelatin, that gelatine is bone broth. Collagen is the main portion of tissue such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone and to make it you would utilize parts of the animal such as feet, ligaments, tendons, bones and marrow.

The Benefits

There is no doubt even the fussiest of eaters, whether it be kibble, home cooked or raw feed dogs, will devour and enjoy this beefy goodness. It is a fantastic all-natural alternative to supplement your animals instead of buying high priced vitamins with potentially added ingredients. If you are using high quality bones, you will get high quality bone broth. A clean, straight from nature vitamin that will not only provide nutrient dense sustenance, but will help the healing process if your pup is sick, recovering from surgery or an injury.

Bone broth carries an enormous amount of healing properties some of which can be more common among pet owners like the diagnosis of cancer, hospice care or common illness.


Many holistic vets will suggest that pet parents feed bone broth when their dog has cancer or are undergoing treatment. It provides hydration and will help with any belly upsets, constipation or any other GI issues during or after medication use. It is also a fantastic immunity booster when the system has been compromised.


Dogs are constanly exposed to germs. I mean, mine lick EVERYTHING, from carpets, to hard wood floors, to refrigerator doors. I often find them munching on tiny creatures living in our lawn, drinking stagnant rain water, you name it, they have probably ingested it. My solution, bone broth, as it contains tons of the amino acid called glycine which is what the liver needs to detoxify.

I know, awesome right?

But it doesn’t stop there.

Bone broth is loaded with glycoasime, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid which you may already have in your cabinet and spending a ton of money on. If you make or buy bone broth you will be spending a fraction of that for a larger amount, and not to mention the natural aspect of it. We as humans have become more conscientious of what we put into our bodies and the same should applied to our devoted companions.

Dont have the time or resources to make your own bone broth? Cant find any on the market that arent dehydrated or loaded with sodium? Well, I got you covered. My name is Kim and I have been making my dogs bone broth since they were born. I am a huge advocate for natural pet health and proper feeding as my motto is to keep them close to nature. I use beef bones from various small farms throughout the Midwest and I use bones only from cows that are grass-fed. My bone broth is simmered for 8-12 hours to produce high quality bone broth jelled to perfection. It is then sealed, frozen and delivered right to your door within 3 days to ensure its integrity.

No added ingredients, no fuss, no muss…just quality bone broth, from quality animals delivered right to your front door. So visit my store on Etsy called Bark4BoneBroth where you can purchase my bone broth in 32 oz. ($16.00), 16 oz. ($8.00), or 8 oz. ($6.00) containers.

Oh and your dog says thanks!


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