At The Organic Dawg we are committed to keeping pets as close to nature as possible. Dogs have become domesticated, but that does not mean they should be exposed to harsh chemicals and plastics. We love the idea of providing them with fun, organic, eco-friendly toys close to what they would have found in the wild.

My name is Kim and I am the founder of The Organic Dawg. I have two miniature dachshunds named Moose and Lulu who I personally raise as close to nature as possible. They are fed raw organic meats, natural bones and treats, take all-natural supplements and play with organic, hemp ropes and toys. I do this because I find it important to keep them close to their wild heritage and behaviors.

I am also the owner of the site where I provide free recipes for homemade dog food cooking.

Most of the items I have for sale on this site are products I have personally given to my dogs as I find they are great natural products.

I hope you enjoy shopping and should you make a purchase today, your dog says thanks! 🙂